RoadVision AI Enterprise. 

Transform Road Infrastructure into meaningful maps And easily visualise and analyse with AI insights 


GIS Platform

Web based GIS Platform with role-based access rights

Color Coded Segmentation

Road Network Segmentation with colour coded schemes for road distress severity

Business Intelligence

Powerful decision-making tools and toggles 

Road Audit Report

AI generated road audit report along with recommendations

Real Images

Access to high resolution image points with GPS and defects detected.

Budget Estimator

Budget Estimator for effective maintenance plan and budget allocation

Road Management using RoadVision AI


Collect Road Survey Data through the Mobile App


Upload & Load Survey Data on Enterprise App 


Drive through your road network from your desk

Swift communication

Apply advanced filters for road segment and visualize road distress severity

A true partnership

Click at any point on road to view corresponding road image 

Survey Report

View AI generated report of road network analysis and defect identification 

Cost Estimator

Use Cost Estimator to get road maintenance cost estimates.

Export Report

Export Survey Report to CSV or PDF format

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