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How are you inspecting the roads? 

Manual road inspections are inefficient.

Road inspections are currently done manually with heavy tools and involves high human dependencies and biasedness, making the overall process quite cost intensive & tedious

Insufficient data insights 

Manual road inspections are typically not performed at regular intervals and do not collect enough data on road distresses to support data-driven decision making.

Improper Budget Allocation 

Ineffective infrastructure projection, lack of sufficient and timely data often leads to improper budget allocations resulting in delays in timely maintenance of road infrastructure.

Road Safety & Economic Loss

Poor road management leads to frequent deterioration and transportation inefficiencies, causing road accidents as well as significant economic losses.

RoadVision AI leverages Artificial Intelligence, GIS and predictive analytics capabilities to provide data-driven insights for identifying road distress and managing road infrastructure.

RoadVision AI Workflow

Effortless Road Surveying: Collect road survey data with ease using our simple car-mounted smartphone-based application. The app captures video of roads along with geo-location, distance, date, time of collection, and other critical data for analysis.

Visualize Road Network: Our RoadVision AI Enterprise App transforms visual data into meaningful maps and provides AI-based assessments for road conditions with a color-coded rating system. Gain real-time insights and make data-driven decisions for effective road infrastructure management.

Discover RoadVision AI's comprehensive road infrastructure management solutions and see how our clients benefit from them.

Efficient Road Inspection

Simplify road inspections and collect detailed survey data for accurate assessments.

Visualize Road Data

Transform road survey data into meaningful maps with color-coded ratings for easy analysis.

Priority Maintenance

Classify roads by their ratings and easily visualize them on maps. AI-generated reports can be downloaded or integrated with third-party tools.

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage predictive analytics to forecast future damage based on data insights and past patterns.

Cost Estimation

Use our cost estimator tool to prepare budgets for current and future road maintenance requirements.

Data-Driven City Planning

Plan for future development and city growth with digital twin of road infrastructure and data-driven insights.

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