Welcome to the Future of Road Management

We're building the world's most advanced and comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twins Stack to transform road asset management.

Say Goodbye to:

Manual Road Surveys & Audits:

End the era of laborious, error-prone road surveys. Embrace precision and efficiency with automated technology.

Insufficient Data Insights:

Bid farewell to guesswork. Harness comprehensive data insights for informed decision-making and proactive planning.

Delayed Maintenance:

No more costly delays. Ensure timely maintenance to prolong road
lifespan and reduce repair costs.

Road Safety & Economic Loss

Say goodbye to compromised safety and economic setbacks. Implement cutting-edge solutions for safer and more resilient road networks.

Simplify Road Management with RoadVision AI.

Experience streamlined road management processes through
RoadVision AI's comprehensive platform, leveraging advanced
technology to enhance efficiency and decision-making.

Step-by-Step Process:

Upload Road Data to the System

Effortlessly collect and ingest road data from smartphones, NSVs, dashcams, or aerial sources to map road assets accurately and efficiently.

Let AI do the Job

Automate data processing with AI to extract actionable insights swiftly, enabling real-time analytics for informed decision-making, prioritization, and predictive maintenance.

Visualize Your Road Network on GIS

Utilize GIS visualization with advanced filters and color-coded segments to interpret road infrastructure conditions spatially, facilitating strategic planning and visualization.

Access Analytics Dashboard for Decision Making

Access an intuitive analytics dashboard for budget calculations, performance metrics, priority analysis, and predictive maintenance insights, optimizing road maintenance schedules.

Manage Tasks with Integrated Task Management

Efficiently assign tasks, track progress, and manage follow-ups with our integrated task management module, streamlining workflow processes for timely execution of road maintenance.

Empowering Road Infrastructure with Advanced Solutions

Discover how RoadVision AI revolutionizes road infrastructure management with cutting-edge
technologies and innovative solutions.

Smartphone-Based App

Use our dedicated smartphone app for capturing visual, roughness, and location data effortlessly.

Dashcam Surveys

Automatically process data captured through dashcams for detailed road assessments and actionable insights.

Network Survey Vehicles (NSVs)

Efficiently process data collected by NSVs to optimize road maintenance and management strategies.

Aerial Data

Utilize aerial imagery and remote sensing for comprehensive mapping and continuous monitoring of road infrastructure.

Comprehensive Data Collection Methods

Our system supports automated processing of data collected through various methods, ensuring efficient analysis and data-driven insights for superior road infrastructure management.

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