Still doing the road data collection manually?

Accurately capture the comprehensive road data for inspection with RoadVision AI Mobile App

RoadVision AI Mobile App makes road inspection process:


Road Inspections are now seamless and do not require trained experts or long duration road blockage.


Say No to physical/ excel road surveys reports without any visual data or exact geo-location. With RoadVision AI, collect visual data, location and several data points. 

Scalable & Speedy

RoadVision AI uses advanced video compression technique to effortlessly upload the survey data to our servers for further processing 

Quick Steps to data collection: 

Download Mobile App

Download our mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your device.  

Mount the smartphone

Mount Smartphone Horizontally on Windshield for Accurate Data Collection with RoadVision AI 

Start Survey 

Enter New Survey Data on the app and click on “Start Survey” when ready. 

Pause/ Stop Survey

You can pause the Survey Recording if required by simply clicking on the Pause button. To complete Survey, Click on the Stop Survey Button.

Review and Upload

Once the data collection is completed, you will see all the recordings. You can review the recordings and upload the files to Cloud.

Want to know more about how RoadVision exactly works? 

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